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  1. Board or Commission Application

    Individuals interested in serving in a board or commission with the City of Palestine may fill out this application.

Health Services

  1. Food Complaint Form

    This form may be used to report a complaint about a food service establishment. The Health Inspector will review the complaint and may... More…

Human Resources

  1. Employment Application

    Employment Application for the City of Palestine

Police Department

  1. Citizens on Patrol Application
  2. Contact the Palestine Police Youth Corps
  3. PPYC Application

    Application to join Palestine Police Youth Corps

  1. Complainant Contact Form

    Complaint form regarding officers

  2. Contact Us
  3. Recruiting

    Anyone interested in learning more about joining the Palestine Police Department can contact Lt Baker.

Policies & Forms

  1. Contact Us

    Please leave comments, questions, or suggestions in the form. If you would like a staff member to contact you about your feedback,... More…

  2. Report a Website Issue
  1. Public Information Request Form
  2. Request to Speak


  1. Commercial Trash Service

    Businesses interested in beginning trash service can do so by completing this form.


  1. Report a Water Leak
  2. Request for Utility Services

    The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requires that water supplies have an agreement with every water customer that allows the... More…

  3. Residential Poly Cart(s)

    By filling out the information below, you are requesting additional poly carts. The cost of the additional poly carts will be added to... More…

  1. Report Sewer Issues
  2. Request to Disconnect Services

    A customer service representative will contact you for additional information.


  1. Draft Authorization Form

    Anyone interested in having their utilities payment drafted can fill out an online application.

  2. Request to Disconnect Service

    Disconnection of Utilities Service Request

  1. Request for Utility Services

    Application for Water Service

  2. Residential Poly Cart(s)

    Request for Additional Poly Carts can be submitted by Residents.