Field Reports

Welcome to our ‘Field Report Fridays' page - your one-stop source for insight into the dynamic world of our police force!

Each week, our officers handle many different types of calls, from routine to critical, which together form the pulse of our daily service to our community. On this page, we aim to share with you, to the best of our ability, the calls dispatched and taken by our dedicated officers.

However, please be mindful that the listing will not be exhaustive. Due to the time-intensive nature of breaking down each call, some may not make it to the weekly summary. But rest assured, we will strive to curate a solid overview of our week that encapsulates our commitment to maintaining law, order, and safety.

We aim to update this digest every Friday, giving you a week-in-review from the lens of our patrol officers. Nevertheless, due to the varying volume of calls we receive, there might be weeks when we are unable to post. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Our goal with this initiative is to foster greater transparency, understanding, and community engagement. We believe in sharing our stories and experiences, which, we hope, will deepen your connection with us and give you a clearer picture of the immense effort that goes into policing our beloved community.

Join us on this journey, check in every Friday, and be a part of our commitment to serve and protect. We look forward to your support and engagement!

Remember, we're always here, ready to respond, and working tirelessly to keep our city safe.