Criminal Dockets and Zoom Link

**IMPORTANT** In-person proceedings have resumed. The eDocket will begin promptly after the 1:30PM docket. Your ZOOM ID must match your court case file to expedite your eDocket appearance. Failure to ensure your FIRST NAME and LAST NAME are YOUR ZOOM ID will delay your eDocket appearance. The initial appearance docket starts at 9AM, and the show cause docket starts at 1:30PM.

February 28, 2024-Initial Appearance Docket(PDF)

February 28, 2024-Show Cause Docket(PDF)

Link to February 28, 2024 eDocket

February 29, 2024 Trial Docket(PDF)

Link to February 29, 2024 Dangerous Dog Hearing

**PLEASE NOTE: While the Court will make every effort to handle your case(s) via eCourt, unfortunately that may not be possible in all circumstances.**