City Manager

The City Manager is the Chief Executive Officer of the City. In accordance with the City Charter, it is the City Manager's duty to execute and implement policies as established by the City Council.  The City Manager is responsible for the overall coordination of the City's governmental activities, for the efficient operation of the City of Palestine, for providing management leadership to the staff and organization, and for communicating organizational goals and values to the public.


  • Economic Development: To promote balanced growth and a business climate that will provide a broad tax base and create quality jobs and a self-sustaining economy while preserving the unique and historical heritage of Palestine.
  • Code Enforcement: Encourage all citizens to become involved in a coordinated effort of preservation, restoration, landscaping, and beautification by enforcing adherence to existing codes 
  • Infrastructure: Improve and replace and maintain an aging infrastructure while planning for future growth and expansion, providing essential needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner within budget. 
  • Recreational, Cultural, and Natural Resources: Enhance the quality of life by providing and maintaining recreational and cultural opportunities utilizing available environmental and natural resources. 
  • Organization Development Goal: Promote a city organization that resolves problems using a systematic approach for the efficient delivery of services. 
  • Intergovernmental Relations: Build active relationships with all governmental entities to promote effective and efficient use of tax dollars.


  • Coordinate and facilitate efforts on upgrading infrastructure with an emphasis on water and sanitary sewer improvements.
  • Review City organizational structure and make changes as required.
  • Communicate emphasis on code enforcement to all city employees.
  • Continuously look for areas of improvement in all city functions.