Compost Site

Sign of Compost SiteLeaves, branches, and yard waste may be taken to the Compost Site. Residents must provide a copy of a current City of Palestine utility bill to utilize the Compost Site to discard yard waste.

If you are not able to transport your leaves, branches, or yard waste to the Compost site, residential curbside collection is available once a month according to a schedule. You must call Waste Collections at 903-723-4670 to make arrangements.

Twice a year, curbside pickup is offered for elderly or disabled residents. The next City Cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, October 21, 2023. To make arrangements, you must call Public Works at 903-731-8423.

  • Leaves and clippings are to be bagged in weatherproof, strong bags and tied securely.
  • There is a limit of eight bags of grass/or bundles of branches per month.
  • Limbs and brush must be bundled in 4-foot lengths and not exceed 35 pounds.
  • Leaves/yard waste bags or bundles count toward the eight-bag limit.
  • Leaves, branches, and yard waste may be placed inside a garbage cart for every scheduled weekly pick-up.