City Ordinances Related to Animals

The City of Palestine has established a Code of Ordinances to ensure the welfare of all animals, domestic and wild, within Palestine city limits. The ordinances are also designed to protect the citizens from animals. These ordinances are enforced by the City's Animal Services officers and violations of these ordinances may result in citations being issued or other legal actions.

Dogs & Cats

An owner of a dog or cat over four months of age must obtain a license for such dog or cat from the City of Palestine.

  • No owner or person who has custody or control of a dog shall allow a dog to be tethered in any manner or by any method
    • That allows the dog to leave the premises owned, leased, or occupied by that person
    • That allows the dog to become entangled
    • That does not allow the dog access to food, water, and shelter as required for animals kept outside
  • Any dog that is tethered shall be properly fitted with and wearing a harness (not a collar) made of leather or nylon. The chain, cable, or other device restraining the dog shall be attached to the dog's harness and not directly to the dog's neck.
  • The restraint may not unreasonably limit the dog's movement. A restraint unreasonably limits the dog's movement if it:
    • Is a length shorter than the greater of five times the length of the dog, as measured from the tip of the dog's nose to the base of the dog's tail, or 10 feet
    • Is in an unsafe condition
    • Causes injury to the dog
  • The limitations of subsection (c)(1) of this section do not apply to a dog restrained to a running line, pulley, or trolley system.

Guard Dogs

A guard dog must be physically confined to a specific area or under the complete and absolute physical control of the owner or an agent of the owner. The fire department and police department must be notified of the presence of a guard dog maintained within a building or the adjoining fenced area of a business after work hours. Warning signs, stating "Danger: Guard Dog on Premises" in letters not less than two inches high must be conspicuously posted outside the area within which a guard dog is confined.