Animal Nuisance

Barking Dogs

Continuously barking dogs can be an annoyance for anyone living nearby. barking dog complaints are the hardest of all animal-related complaints to enforce in the City of Palestine. Any legal action requires an Animal Services Officer or Police Officer to witness the excessive barking. Animal Services Officers will investigate complaints of barking dogs during normal hours of operation.

Encountering a Dangerous Animal

Residents who see an animal they believe to be dangerous or vicious should not approach the animal and immediately contact Animal Control. You should be ready to provide all details necessary for the officer, such as the location and description so that they can quickly locate and contain the animal.

Stray Animals

If you found a stray animal, contact Animal Control. Stray animals are impounded and cared for while waiting for an owner to come forward.

Deceased Animals on Roadway

If you notice a deceased animal (wildlife or domestic) on any street, sidewalk, or other public space please contact Animal Control so we can remove the animal.

Roaming Cats & Dogs

For dogs or cats roaming without an owner, during business hours, please call Animal Control. Animal Control Officers do not respond to roaming dogs and cats after hours. Dog and cat owners are required to keep their dogs and cats under their immediate physical control anytime the pet is outside their home or fence.