Public Works

The Public Works Department serves 491 roads in the City of Palestine which includes over 134.16 linear paved miles and over 268.32 paved miles of lanes. The Streets Department patches potholes and performs other street repairs. Streets Department employees also mow the right-of-ways for traffic control purposes. The Streets Department maintains traffic control signs and maintains the drainage systems with over 20 miles of a storm drain. Streets Crews remove limbs and trees within the right-of-way of traffic. The Fleet Department maintains all city vehicles, emergency services vehicles, and various motorized maintenance equipment. The Utilities Department manages water and wastewater treatment. Additionally, the department handles the monthly utility treatment costs, sanitary sewer line locations, sewer problem resolutions, and collection system assistance.

2022 Water Quality Report

View the Annual Water Quality Report archive.

Key Functions

  • Streets and right-of-ways
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Trash/recycling collection
  • Brush management site

Report an Issue

If you have one of the following issues please call the Public Works department:

  • Tree/limb or other heavy obstruction in the right-of-way
  • Traffic signs down or damaged
  • Street light outage
  • Pothole reporting
  • Drainage issues
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