Sketch of a BuildingOften historic commercial buildings featured small signs presenting business names and addresses printed directly on the storefront display window, front entry door, upper floor entry door or upper story office window.

Residential properties generally did not have signs, but when necessary should be of a historically compatible style.

The Palestine Main Street Advisory Board has full authority over new signs and alterations to existing signage in the Main Street Overlay District.

Preserves History

  • Placing signs within the sign band of the exterior walls of historic buildings.
  • Uncluttered and straightforward signs.
  • Maintaining and repairing existing historic signs when possible.
  • Using lettering, design, and materials compatible with the style and period of the building.

Damages History

  • Using materials and design not historically compatible with the building.
  • Using internally lighted signs, except where the lighting was present historically, as in neon signs.