Entries, Porches & Balconies

Large Building with PillarsEntrances are important for their location, materials, and detailing.  Roof form, arrangement, and the placement of posts and stairs are primary features of porches.  Entries that are historically appropriate will be compatible with the type originally in place at a specific building.  A historic photograph was taken over 50 years ago that shows the building can provide information on entry size, shape, design, and detail used in the historic period. Keeping and maintaining entrances and porches helps create a sense of community in a residential neighborhood, and a historically appropriate entrance provides commercial properties a sense of quality that contributes to increased business.

Preserves History

  • Maintaining and repairing porches and entries present in the historic period.
  • Replicating missing elements based on historic photographs or other documentation using the same materials, size, design, and scale as those originally present.
  • Retaining, repairing, and maintaining decorative trim and elements.
  • Replacing only wood that is too rotted to repair.

Damages History

  • Removing original entries or changing their size, design, or materials.
  • Use of synthetic or substitute materials instead of original materials.
  • Replacement of historic elements with modern storefronts.