Utility Bills

The City of Palestine offers two ways to get utility bills.

1.) E-bills are emailed to the customer through the online portal.  Customers do not have to pay online to get e-bills. 

2. Mailed Bills: If you choose to have your bills mailed, you will receive a post card.   *Exception to this is for accounts on statement billing. Mailed bills are also subject to USPS back log.  Mailed bills sometimes take weeks to months to deliver or get back. 

(We do not recommend mailing customer payments due to USPS backlog.)

Leak Adjustments

Click HERE to see the reporting sheet for customers needing to report a leak or leak repair.  The leak must be repaired before filing for a leak adjustment.  Please keep in mind that we only allow for 1 leak adjustment per 12 month period (unless there is a major event such as the ice storm of 2021). 

A leak adjustment typically takes 60-90 days to complete due to billing done a month behind.  (This means that what you use today will not bill out until next month.)  Therefore, it takes another bill or two to insure the leak has been repaired and the consumption is back to normal. 

Also, we ask customers to keep in mind that we quote the monthly payments slightly higher than normal bills because the leak adjustment covers about 90% of the leak, not 100%.  The customer will get the leak adjustment as well as any late fees incurred during the process.



Meter Reads

Meter reads are billed accurately based on consumption.  If we have a read that is much higher than normal, we will double check it, then call the customer to advise.   Our technicians also advise customers while in the field reading.   

An occasional miss-key on reads occurs, but it is rare and it is typically caught by the next read if not before.   

Meter Adjustments

Effective the first week in August, we no longer test old meters.  We issue an order to swap the meter out, then adjust the account based on their normal average



1) Mobile Application for paying utility bills.

They will have the same functionality as the online portal, but in a much more convenient app on smart phones.  PDF bills were recently added to online account, and will be available through the application as well.

2) Meter Reading Technology

-The meter reading technology is being updated.  Meter Readers will be switching to tablets, a more streamlined and affordable option to the bulky hand held devices currently being used, for all takes.  -

-The new tablets will be able to sync reads while in the field.    

-The new tablets are expected to be in service by the end of September.