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Zoning Board of Adjustments & Appeals

The Zoning Board of Adjustment and Appeals (commonly referred to as the "ZBA")  is authorized to hear and makes determinations on special exceptions and variance requests to the zoning regulations and allow variances to the sign and landscaping regulations. The ZBA may also hear an appeal on a decision made by an administrative official who is responsible for enforcing the zoning regulations.

The board is comprised of five members.  Members serve two-year terms but may continue to act after the end of his or her term until a successor is appointed by the City Council.  A member of the board may not be appointed for more than two consecutive terms unless approved by a majority of the City Council.


Click here to view Appendix A, Section 20-Board of Adjustment of the City Code.

 Members  Place  Appointed  Term End
Paul Martine  1 February 10, 2020  September 30, 2020
Bob Snow  2 November 12, 2019  September 30, 2021
Christie Scroggins  3 September 22, 2014  September 30, 2020
Brick Parsons  4 July 10, 2006  September 30, 2021
Mike Searcy  5 November 25, 2019  September 30, 2020
Vacant  Alternate 1    September 30, 2018
Vacant  Alternate 2    September 30, 2016


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Agendas & Minutes

Date   Meeting Type  Agendas  Minutes
April 9, 2019  Special Meeting  Agenda  Minutes 
April 3, 2019  Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
October 30, 2018  Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
July 25, 2017  Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
July 11, 2017  Special Meeting Agenda Minutes
July 6, 2017  Special Meeting Agenda Minutes
June 27, 2017  Regular Meeting Agenda Meeting Cancelled
January 24, 2017  Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes


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