Public Works

Lisa Phillips

Administrative Assistant

(903) 731-8423

Felipe Garcia

Mark Fletcher

Public Works Dept.

1620 West Palestine Ave.
Palestine, TX 75801

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

  • Update February 21, 2021
    Water was restored earlier this morning and residents should begin getting water throughout the day.

    We understand that this has been a very frustrating time and turning off the water is the last thing that anyone wanted; however, by doing so, we were able to make some headway. Shutting off the water allowed the tanks to fill up to sufficient capacity that allows the system to work by not depleting the reserves. This also means that there is no water line break. The water was being used as soon as it was pushed out keeping the tanks from filling up.
    This is definitely great news, but we still need our residents help.
    -We ask you to please use water efficiently.
    -Use the minimum amount of water necessary for your household to function.
    -Don't leave your faucets open. We still need water pressure to continue to build.
    Again, please know that our crews are still on top of the situation and will not rest until we are back to normal operating conditions. Please remember that all of the individuals working on this are also affected by not having water and the decisions they make also affect them. We are all in this together and working together, we will overcome this.

    We will keep you updated as any new information comes in. You may continue to report leaks or contact us with additional concerns and we will address them as fast as we can. You may contact us by calling 903-731-8423 or by emailing

  • Update February 20, 2021 7:34 pm
Water Update:
As you all know, we have been working hard to fill up our storage tanks so that we have enough pressure to pump water to all residents in our city of Palestine. Unfortunately, even with the greatly appreciated help of our residents we have not been able to isolate the issue affecting our water distribution.

You are our priority, and we are exploring every avenue to restore water to our city; therefore, this is our next plan.

The Water Treatment Plant has two 1-million-gallon tanks that distribute water to meet the water demands for the City of Palestine. To maintain this level of demand, the City of Palestine will be filling both water storage tanks to their maximum capacity. To achieve this, the pumps at the Water Treatment Plant will shut down at 9:00 p.m. tonight, and water will not be sent to town from the Water Treatment Plant between 9:00 p.m. tonight until possibly noon tomorrow, Sunday, February 21, 2021. This will enable the City of Palestine Water Treatment Plant to fill the two 1-million-gallon tanks at the Water Treatment Plant. Additionally, this should restore the volume in remaining tanks and enable us to meet the demands to restore the normal operating pressures to fulfill the City of Palestine’s residential and business needs.

We are confident that this will make a difference and have planned this in a manner that will cause the minimum impact on your daily lives, considering this unprecedented situation we are all going through. We ask you to please be patient. Remember that you are our priority, and our crews are working around the clock to serve you.

We will update you as soon as we have new, relevant information.

  • Update February 20, 2021 (4:01 pm)

If you filled up on water at Walston Springs, we urge you to boil water the water before consuming. Bring the water to a rolling boil and cool before consuming.

  • Update February 20, 2021
**While we continue to look for resources to distribute water locally, residents can go to the Walston Springs Water Corporation at 1370 FM2419, Palestine, TX 75801 to get drinking water. You must provide your own jugs or containers. The Walston Springs Tower is located by their office and they will have a water hose connected to the tower so that residents can fill up on drinking water.
Be assured that we are working on this nonstop and making sure everyone has water is our priority.
We do need your help.
1) If you are getting water, please ONLY use the minimum that you need.
2) Report water line breaks or pools of water.
3) Let us know if you do not have water so that we can isolate the areas that are lacking water.

To report busted water lines, leaks, pooled water, you can send us a message here or call 903-729-2254. We are aware that there have been issues with that number due to it being down. The line is working now, but if you continue to have issues, send a private message to this page.
Again, we know this is a very frustrating time, but please know that we are working nonstop to make sure everyone has water.
The City’s water treatment plant is currently down due to freezing temperatures, which are causing the treatment process to go slower than normal. Residents will experience reduced water pressure, and are urged to stop all water usage and conserve water until operations are back to normal.

The Public Works Department serves 491 roads in the City of Palestine which includes over 134.16 linear paved miles and over 268.32 paved miles of lanes. The Streets Department patches potholes and performs other street repairs. Streets Department employees also mow the right-of-ways for traffic control purposes. The Streets Department maintains traffic control signs and maintains the drainage systems with over 20 miles of storm drain. Streets Crews remove limbs and trees within the right-of-way of traffic. The Fleet Department maintains all city vehicles, emergency services vehicles, and various motorized maintenance equipment.  The Utilities Department manages water and wastewater treatment. Additionally, the department handles the monthly utility treatment costs, sanitary sewer line locations, sewer problem resolutions, and collection system assistance.

To report an issue call Public Works at 903-731-8423

For after hours or emergencies call the Police Department at 903-729-2254.


Public Works is Working for You

We are getting quotes to finish curb on Colorado St. from Sylvan St. to Crockett Rd. Paving Colorado Street. Cleaning ditches and extending Colorado St. between Micheaux Av. and Royal St. Cleaning ditches and extending Richland Drive
Street Department preparing to re-pave Colorado St. between Micheaux Ave and Royal St. North Jackson is being paved from Palestine Ave. to Maffitt Street. North Jackson paving. They are within two-and-a-half blocks of completing the project. Finishing one street, and it looks great!

Key Functions

  • Streets and right-of-ways
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Trash/recycling collection
  • Brush management site

To report an issue call Public Works at 903-731-8423

  • Tree/limb or other heavy obstruction in right-of-way
  • Traffic signs down or damaged
  • Street light outage
  • Pothole reporting
  • Drainage issues

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