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Home and Business Security Surveys

Want to ensure that your home or business is as safe as possible? One of our certified crime prevention officers will gladly inspect your property and provide recommendations for ways to increase your security.

The mission of the Palestine Police Department Crime Prevention Program is to prevent crime by making the citizens of our community aware of numerous avenues that can be taken in order to make themselves, their families, businesses, homes, and property less susceptible to crime.

Sgt David Kassaw and Officer Fernando Nino are the department's crime prevention specialists.

The residential survey concentrates on locks, doors, strike plates, and windows. Exterior and interior lighting are also examined, as well as shrubbery and fencing. Written suggestions are given to improve the security of the home. Upon qualification, the homeowner may receive a 5% discount on homeowners insurance premiums.

The commercial survey is conducted of both the interior and exterior of the business, covering lighting, locks, and types of doors and windows. Also, exterior fencing, parking, alarms, and personnel security practices are reviewed. A confidential written security survey report is provided to the business owner.

Please contact Sgt D. Kassaw at 903-731-8482 to schedule a survey to be completed of your residence or business.